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Contact Alert Power Washing California's First Choice for Commercial and Residential Pressure Washing Services!

Professional Pressure Washing Company in California

Nine Years of Experience Pressure Cleaning

Alert Power washing has been providing professional pressure washing services to the public since 2005 in the southwestern portion of California. No pressure washing job is too big or too small for our power washing company.

Allow Us to Accept the Risk

Pressure washing, if not done correctly, can be quite dangerous. The water pressure near the nozzle is powerful enough to strip the flesh from the bone. Particles in the water supply are ejected from the nozzle at great speeds. The cleaning process can force objects displaced from the area being cleaned at great speeds in any direction.

Due to high pressure, the water entering cracks and voids in the surface can break up the tarmac, or any kind of road paving material, if aimed directly at it. Great care and safety precautions are needed at all times and this is why so many people and businesses in southwestern California use our power washing service.

Exceptional Quality Equals Happy Customers

Residents and businesses in southwestern California also use our power washing services because it is effective and environmentally safer at removing loose mold, paint, dust, grime, dirt, and mud from object and surfaces such as vehicles, buildings, and concrete surfaces. Our services are not limited to pressure cleaning. We also offer steam cleaning and rust removal services as well. We are a family owned and operated business that enjoys a reputation for honesty and dependability. Our many years of experience and service are what set us apart from our competition. Vince Wood, the company owner, is dedicated to providing every customer with the best possible service available at the most economical prices. Please call us today for a free estimate and on-site evaluation. Learn about the exceptional customer service and work quality our clients in southwestern California have grown to know and expect from us. We look forward to earning and keeping your business.

  • commercial-power-washing-california Commercial Services

    Contact Alert Power Washing in California for commercial pressure washing and concrete cleaning services. We are California's first choice for property maintenance services.

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  • residential-power-washing-california Residential Services

    We clean driveways throughout the entire state of California. We can successfully remove oil stains, rust stains, and tire marks from your California driveway! Call today!

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  • rust-removal-california Rust Removal Services

    We specialize in rust removal services in California. Don't let rust stains ruin your concrete! Call Alert Power Washing to remove rust safely without damaging your property!

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